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As marketers plan their recovery strategies from the pandemic, we recognize we are not going back to business as usual. Here we will examine data-driven insights and trends, grounded with academic rigor.

We are tracking ongoing consumer data in our dashboard, and combining them with additional perspectives from ongoing social media sentiment analysis, interviews with international CMOs and an expert look back at lessons through history and anthropology.

New priorities and shifting values

Feature insight

Insight Report

Man on a balcony

Putting the future on pause
while living in the present.

Insight Report

People walking in a corridor, all wearing PPE masks

The pandemic has affected people.
It has also affected how people trust.



Up Next: Individuals and Institutions

As the pandemic demonstrates its determination of marathoning and not sprinting to a conclusion, some of the early support and unity witnessed between the public at large and institutions such as government and public health officials, are now changing.

New cleaves are forming as more people shift their earlier commitment to "all in this together" now to "looking out for #1". The knock-on effects to established brands are monumental as drops in brand loyalty mount and greater switching behaviour starts to occur.

The next data review will aim to assess these new splits and connections to better help marketers navigate through the turmoil.

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Dig Into Deeper Perspectives

Our global network has pulled together additional perspectives that help shine more light on the data analysis and trends we’re tracking along the recovery from the pandemic.

  • Analysis and points of view from Interviews with international CMOs.
  • Historical cues and other thoughts from renowned cultural anthropologist.
  • Changing trends and themes from social-channel listening around the globe.

Perspective from the world’s Chief Marketing Officers

Special Report

COVID-19 has united the world against a single problem. Over 25 CMOs from around the world talk to us about adapting to the new consumer needs.

Social Listening: Shifting Attitudes, Behaviours & Values

Special Report

By understanding the mindsets of people within the pandemic, we can see how brands can help them return to normality — whatever normality may be.

Looking Back to See Forward: COVID-19’s historical context

Special Report

While today’s challenges may be new, they’re not without precedent. This series explores how the past can help us build the right path into the future.

COVID-19 is changing consumers. Are you changing with them?

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